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LED LightingContractors for Businesses in Maryland and Washington DC


LED lighting may not have completely replaced conventional lighting at home, but they’re definitely more popular in the commercial space. In most countries, LED lighting has become the standard for commercial spaces.


As one of the leadingLED lighting contractors in the area, we replace existing lighting fixtures with brand new LED lighting fixtures so businesses can reduce energy bills in the long-run.


Businesses gain major financial benefits by replacing the existing lighting fixtures on their facilities with LED lighting fixtures.


Direct benefits of commercial LED lighting include the following:

  • The cost cuts from installing LED lighting systems represent the largest reduction in operational costs. The increase in savings has a direct impact on your net profit.

  • Businesses will see energy savings from commercial LED lighting in just 12–24 months, sometimes even earlier.

  • Making the switch to commercial LED lighting doesn’t require any capital outlay

  • Commercial buildings can qualify for federal tax reductions equal to $0.60 per sq. ft.


When you install commercial LED lighting fixtures, you alsoenjoy a few indirect benefits, such as:

  • Companies benefit from reduced maintenance costs. They spend a lot on the maintenance of commercial lighting; these costs include the replacement of fused lamps, hiring a contractor and special lifting equipment. LED lighting systems don’t require as much maintenance.LEDs can give 60,000 hrs of light during their lifetime, while conventional lamps  only last 6,000 hours or less.

  • Conventional lighting systems release a lot more heat, which, in turn, affects cooling costs.

  • LEDs give businesses green credit; it makes them sustainable and helps boost their brand image.


Exterior LED Lighting


Exterior LED lighting primarily consists of HID, mercury vapor, and high-pressure sodium fixtures. We replace these with cost-effective lighting fixtures that can last 15 years or more.LED lighting fixtures use 60–70% less energy than old fixtures. After installation, exterior LED lighting fixtures require zero maintenance costs.


Making the switch and replacing existing fixtures with LED lighting fixtures is straightforward, provided you have an experienced,commercial LED lighting contractor by your side.


We install LED lighting fixtures for businesses across all industries in Maryland and Washington DC.


Call 410-384-8520 or drop us an email at to schedule an appointment.

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