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4 Top Tips for Efficient Business Lighting

As of 2020, commercial energy rates in Washington DC have risen by 1.6% and Maryland has maintained its median position in the ranking of commercial electrical rates according to state. With this increase and the existing economic circumstances, business owners need to look out for new opportunities to minimize their overhead costs.

Among the various overhead costs, electrical charges form the bulk of all business costs. Of these charges, 50% are attributed to lighting and heating costs. So, if you can figure out ways to make the lighting used in your business more efficient—you can make significant headway with cost reductions for your business.

Some ways to make your business lighting more efficient include:

Switch to LED Lighting

LED lighting is among the most energy efficient lighting technologies in the industry right now. According to reports from the US Department of Energy, LED lights are between 25%–80% more efficient than other lighting options. LED bulbs, particularly, last for 25,000 hours—as opposed to incandescent bulbs that last for 1000 hours.

Make it a Point to Turn off Lights at the End of the Day

This is the simplest way to make sure that you minimize energy waste and reduce the costs of lighting. Most businesses leave their lighting on that keep on generating costs for you. You should encourage your employees to turn off the lighting in the offices at the end of the day—it will go a long way in reducing your bills.

Schedule Routine Energy Audits

Regular audits are a great way to keep track of your energy expenses and wastage. Energy auditing professionals conduct a thorough assessment of your electricity consumption to provide you detailed reports on how energy efficient you really are. You can then use their reports and advice to make the necessary changes to make your organizations energy efficient.

Schedule Electrical Maintenance

A lot of times, old lighting can make your buildings energy inefficient. In addition to increasing risks of safety hazards, these lighting components bring with them problems like arc faults that can significantly raise your electrical bills. To avoid energy waste you should call in a commercial electrician to look over your lighting components and replace them.

Keep note of your energy bills and see if there’s a good reason why your bills are so high. If you don’t find any reason for these high bills, you’d do well to call in the experts to identify existing problems and get them fixed.

Best Quality Electrical LLC is a licensed and insured electrical and LED lighting contactor in Washington DC and Maryland. Our services include commercial LED lighting in Maryland and lighting maintenance for offices, exteriors and parking lots, electrical panel upgrades and more. Call us today to hire us for your commercial electrical jobs.

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